Ring, disc, segment and strip cutting machine

The machine RONDELLA P 125 cuts perfectly, cleanly and true to size: fiber materials, PTFE, rubber, leather, cardboard, pressboard, felt, cork, graphite with or without VA inserts, cut-resistant plastics or similar materials.

Technical data:

Ø range: 60mm - 1500mm

Max. Cutting thickness: 10mm

Strip cuts up to max. cutting width 150mm

Max. Cutting thickness: 15mm


Description of use

The cutting tool consists of a rotating circular blade. During the cutting process, the material to be cut is pressed evenly against the circular blade from below by the plastic transport roller until the finished cut has been made. Thanks to a special design, the circular blade and the transport roller are not damaged when cutting through the material. A scale with diameter scaling is attached to the machine for precise adjustment of the desired diameter. A hole of 15 mm must be provided in the center of the panel to be cut to accommodate the centering pin of the clamping device (not when using the "RS" bracket). The smallest round cut diameter and the cutting time depend on the material type and thickness.

For dimensions, weights and further information, please refer to the information sheet

[Due to technical developments, all illustrations and dimensions are non-binding]


Accessories and spare parts

Order no. 1351

RS" bracket for cutting circular blanks from 80 mm to 1500 mm. When using this cutting material holding device, a hole in the center of the sheet to be cut is no longer necessary

Order no. 1352N

Collet device "SZ" When using this device, large segments can be force-guided cut from small panels.

Order no. 1359

Centering aid "ZH" for fixing the material in case of inaccurate centering hole or soft cutting material (including 1 punch Ø 20mm)

Order no. 1358

Circular blade Ø30 x 1.2mm for the smallest diameters

Order no. 1354

Circular knife Ø40 x 1.2mm (standard knife)

Order no. 1357

Circular blade Ø40 x 1.2mm (made of carbide) for all materials where a long blade life is required

Order no. 1355

Circular blade Ø50 x 2mm for strip cuts up to 15mm material thickness

Order no. 1356

Plastic transport roller