Gasket cutting machine

The The machine P/FD 250 is suitable for the production of flat gaskets in the form of strips and rings (other shapes are also possible with freehand guidance).

It cuts almost all cuttable materials, in particular graphite with various smooth sheet metal or VA expanded metal or VA sheet metal inserts.

Technical data: 

Ø range: 60mm - 1500mm 

Max. Cutting thickness: 3mm

Strip cuts up to max. cutting width 250mm


Description of use

The desired diameter is set on a fixed scale. A hole is punched centrally in the panel to be cut using the punching tool supplied and the panel is then placed on the machine's centering device.

With the motor switched on, the upper blade is moved to the lowest position by pressing down the hand lever. The upper blade pierces the cutting material (i.e. no starting hole required) and hits the gap between the two lower blades. The cutting feed takes place by turning the cutting material by hand. The material is completely cut through after just one rotation.

The blade arrangement ensures perfect cutting quality.

Even with soft graphite gaskets, there is no fraying, crushing or separation of the laminate layers at the bottom edge.

For dimensions, weights and further information, please refer to the information sheet

[Due to technical developments, all illustrations and dimensions are non-binding]


Accessories and spare parts

Order no. 25001

Top knife

Order no. 25002

Bottom knife

Order no. 25003

Machine base with a working height of 83 cm, with which the machine can be set up in a fixed position in a workshop

Order No. 25004

Special perforating tool for cylindrical punched holes

Order no. 1359

Centering aid "ZH" for fixing the material in case of inaccurate centering hole or soft cutting material (including 1 punch Ø 20mm)