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Rondella P 135

Download Datasheet RONDELLA P 135 (pdf)

Ring, Disc, Segment and Strip Cutter

Technical Specifications

Circular cuts from 60 to 1500mm
(smaller or bigger- up to 3000mm- versions
on enquiry)
Circular cut depths up to 10 mm
Strip cuts up to 150 mm width
using the lateral stop
Strip cut depths up to 15 mm

Electrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz
Motor power: 250 W (earthing type plug)

The machine P 135-1500 tronic shown as standard version features:

- Conformity with CE
- Cast-iron design for rigidity and torsional strength
- Foot switch (with protective cap) for electronic speed control (from zero to maximum speed)
- Reversible sense of rotation (important for hand-guided cutting)
- Lateral stop for cutting strips up to 150mm wide
- Rule with diameter scale
- Adjustable penetration depth for circular knife, for protection of the plastic transport roller
- Highly precise centring and holding fixture and vertically adjustable locating pin

Machine base

- 1 punch dia. 15mm. 3 Allen keys
- 1 circular knive each: Ø 30mm for smallest diameters, Ø 40mm for standard circular, Ø 50mm for linear cuts in materials > 10mm thick

Mode of operation

The cutting tool is a rotating knife. During the process, the material to be cut is pressed evenly from underneath against the circular knife by means of a special transport roller until the cut is completely executed. A special design ensures that the circular knife and the transport roller are protected from damage while cutting. For accurate diameter setting, a rule with diameter is fitted to the machine. A hole of 15 mm must be provided at the centre of the blank plate to take the centring pin of the holding fixture (not when using the yoke "RS"). Minimum diameter for circular cuts and cutting time depend on the thickness of the material presented for cutting.
The machine cuts absolutely neatly, dimensionally accurately and with straight edges, all fibrous materials, rubber, leather, cardboard, chipboard, felt, cork, graphite bonded or not bonded with high grade steel foil, firm plastics or similar stock.

For weights and dimensions please refer to the datasheet

[Illustrations and dimensions may be subject to changes as result of technical progress]

Download Datasheet RONDELLA P 135 (pdf)

Yoke "RS" [Ref.-No. 1351]

Yoke "RS" for cutting discs of 80mm up to 1500mm, when utilising this device for clamping the material, a hole at the centre of the plate is not required 

Clamping attachment "SZ" for cutting segments [Ref.-No. 1352N]

(including 1 necessary Centring attachment "ZH")

Centring attachment "ZH" [Ref.-No. 1359]

for locating the blank plate in the case of inaccurate centre hole or soft material (incl. 1 punch Ø20mm)

Circular knife Ø30 x 1,2mm [Ref.-No. 1358]

for smallest diameters

Circular knife Ø40 x 1,2mm [Ref.-No. 1354]

for circular and strip cuts up to 10mm thickness

Circular knife with carbide blade Ø40 x 1,2mm [Ref. No. 1357]

Circular knife Ø50 x 2mm [Ref.-No. 1355]

for strip cuts up to 15mm thickness

Plastic transport roller [Ref.-No. 1356]