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P/FD 250

Download Data-Sheet P/FD 250 (pdf)

Gasket cutting machine

The machine is suitable for the production of gaskets in the form of rings and strips (by free- hand forced: other shapes are possible). It cuts gaskets made of almost any shearable material, including even pure graphite with smooth or spiked sheet or expanded inlay.

Technical Specifications

Cutting range: from 55 up to 1500mm Max.
Thickness: 3mm Strip cut: 250mm
Motor power: 500W (bei 230V AC, 50 Hz)

Mode of machine operation

For diameter setting, a fixed rule will be used. Punch a hole at the centre of the plate to be cut using the punches supplied, and then place the plate onto the centring attachment of the machine.
Press down the hand lever, while the motor is running, to move the upper knife into bottommost position. In this process, the upper knife will penetrate the material (which therefore does not require a starting hole) and move into the gap between the two lower knives. The cutting feed will be obtained by manually turning the material being cut. A single revolution is sufficient to effect a full cut through the material.

The patented arrangement of the knives ensures a high quality of cutting. Even in the case of soft graphite gaskets, there will be no fraying or squeezing of the lower edge or separa- tions of the laminate layers.

For weights and dimensions please refer to the datasheet

Download Data-Sheet P/FD 250 (pdf)

[Illustrations and dimensions may be subject to changes as result of technical progress]

The standard equipment of the machine includes:

• One set of upper and lower knife mounted at the machine
• One Hold- down device for an accurate cut
• 2 punches (1 conical for hard materials and 1 cylindrical for soft materials)
• One fixed rule, easy to read and glare-free, with diameter lines
• Supporting struts for easier cutting of great diameters in the case of soft materials
• One adjustable stop for strip cutting operations
• 2 pieces diameter end stops for easier change over from inner to outer diameters when cutting series.

Download Data-Sheet P/FD 250 (pdf)

Additional parts & spare parts

Machine base [Ref.-No. 25003]

Centring attachment "ZH" [Ref.-No. 1359]

 for locating the blank plate in the case of inaccurate centre hole or soft material (incl. 1 punch Ø20mm).

Spare parts

Upper knife [Ref.-No. 25001]

Lower knife [Ref.-No. 25002]

Special punch [Ref.-No. 25004]

for close tolerance cylindrical punching operations