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P 500

Download Datasheet P 500 (pdf)

Strip Cutter

Depth of cut up to 50 mm (Shore hardness A 40 - 90°), width of cut up to 500 and 1,000 mm

The machine P 500 will cut properly, neatly, true to size and with a straight edge, at a cutting speed of 9.6 m/min., all fibrous materials 
as well as rubber (Shore hardness A 40-90°), conveyor belts, leather, cardboard, chipboard, felt, cork, firm plastics and other materials suitable for cutting.

The circular knife is driven by a powerful 400 V three-phase A.C. motor, 50 Hz, with reversible sense of rotation, to advance or retract the knife for effecting a proper cut.
For other voltages and frequencies, please inquire.

In the cutting process, the material will be cut in a single pass. A strip width absolutely true to size will be ensured by a lateral stop.

For weights and dimensions please refer to the datasheet

[Illustrations and dimensions may be subject to changes as a result of technical progress]

Download Datasheet P 500 (pdf)