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P 2000

Download Data-Sheet P 2000 (pdf)

Gasket, Ring and Round Plate Cutter

The machines P 2000 II and P 2000 III are freestanding machines of robust steel structure type. They cut absolutely neatly, dimensionally accurately and with straight edges, all suitable materials such as rubber felt, cardboard, plastics, fibre materials, graphite of bonded or non bonded type, and similar. Stock Knife adjustment is quick and precise, thanks to the calibrating tool supplied. Diameter setting of the knives is effected through a hand-operated spindle drive.

The figures adjusted can be easily read from a large display. Knife downfeed is ensured by a hydraulic pneumatic feed system.

The cutting speed is infinitely variable by a frequency converter to allow optimal adjustment to the material being cut. Material is held in position by a pneumatically operated quick clamping device. The work space is illuminated.

Technical specification

From single item to medium batch production Max. depth of cut 40mm

Circular cuts from Ø40 bis Ø1000mm – size II
Circular cuts from Ø40 bis Ø1500mm – size III

For dimensions and weights please refer to the datasheet

[Illustrations and dimensions may be subject to changes as result of technical progress]

Download Data-Sheet P 2000 (pdf)

Cutting blade of tool steel (standard knife) [Ref.-No. 2001]

for rubber and similar soft materials

Cutting blade of tool steel (standard knife) [Ref.-No. 2002]

fe.g. for fibrous materials, graphite bonded with stainless steel, and all materials where long tool life is important

Cutting wheel with holder [Ref.-No. 2003]

Cutting wheel with needle bearing [Ref.-No. 2004]

for all materials for which the rolling of the cutting wheel brings advantages, such as f. i. for soft rubber types and similar materials, graphite etc. (smallest cutting diameter is limited)

Hard-metal cutting wheel with needle bearing [Ref. No. 2007]

Hold-down disks

Hold-down disks, for holding down the material to be cut. The softer and thinner the material, the more accurately the hold-down disk will have to be adapted to the
cutting diameter.
[Ref.-No. 200710] from 100 to 550mm Ø
[Ref.-No. 200716] from 100 to 950mm Ø

Rack for 18 hold-down disks [Ref.-No. 2013]